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BankWaqf International is a trust fund established to provide business opportunities and financial services to the people in the name of Allah.

Waqf Economic Principles

Waqf in term of cash and cash certificate is dealt within the principle of maqasid shari’ah and invested in a productive way. The proceed or return from the cash investment will then be used for the benefit of eligible recipients of the Mauquf ‘Alaih (beneficiary).

BankWaqf International assists BankWaqf properties to be upgraded in terms of management, effectiveness, and given the function of banking that can develop the society economy in general example.

BankWaqf International holds the principle that Waqf property should be nourished, so the value continuously reaches the benefits for all and our Waqf funds are prolonged and widened even after we leave this World.

Our Vision

Being a management and development institution of waqf that manage professionally, trusted and can create a synergy of economic equity in society.

Our Mission

Achieving economic empowerment of people while reducing poverty and create an economic equity in many sectors, especially in the small and medium enterprises.

Business Principles

BankWaqf International offers waqf investment and reinvestment modes of business and micro credit

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Our Networks

  • International Networks
  • Strategic Partners
  • Business Partners


  • Canada

  • Africa

  • Kenya
  • Sudan
  • Egypt


  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Philipines
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Saudi Arabia
  • India
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Turkey


  • Sweden

    Waqf Organization Body

  • Badan Wakaf Indonesia, Indonesia
  • International Waqf Action Council (iWAQF), Malaysia
  • State Religious Council
  • State Waqf Fund

    Waqf Practicioner

  • Global Waqf, Indonesia
  • AWQAF Holding, Malaysia
  • JomWakaf, Malaysia
  • WAZAN UPM, Malaysia

    Educational Institution

  • PERMATA, Malaysia


  • Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)
  • Al Rajhi Bank, Malaysia
  • PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Tbk., Indonesia

    Venture Capital

  • PT Amanah Ventura Syariah, Indonesia
  • PT Persada Ventura Syariah, Indonesia

    Nazhir License

  • Koperasi Gerakan Urun Daya, Indonesia


  • Intercare Krabi Nursing School, Thailand
  • AMIS Davao, Philippines


  • Intercare Krabi Nursing School, Thailand
  • AMIS Davao, Philippines


  • PT Eliya Herbal Perkasa (Frozen Food)
  • PT Salima Prima Cita, Indonesia (Food Processing)
  • Ottoman Enterprise Co.,Ltd, Thailand (Burger Outlet)
  • Ryverra Chocolate & Confectionery Sdn Bhd (Chocolate)


  • PT Syahdina Land Putra, Indonesia (Residential House)
  • PT Orchid Realty Indonesia (residential house, hotel)

    Wood Processing

  • UD. Karya Sejahtera, Indonesia


  • PT Hydro Perdana Retailindo, Indonesia
  • Sabasun HyperRuncit, Malaysia


  • Koperasi Gerakan Urun Daya, Indonesia
  • Koperasi Salimah Sejahtera Indonesia
  • Koperasi PERMATA, Malaysia

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